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Project Code: FRG 04.13
Completed: In Progress. Results expected in March 2018.

Project Title:

Innovative Swath Grazing/Increasing Forage Research Capacity


Vern Baron, Ph.D. เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์24 ชั่วโมง

Vern Baron, Ph.D. and Raquel R. Doce, Ph.D. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), John Basarab, Ph.D, Patricia Juskiw, Ph.D., Mazen Aljarrah and Mary-Lou Swift, Ph.D. (Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development), John McKinnon, Ph.D., (University of Saskatchewan), Albert Kuipers (Grey Wooded Forage Association), and Al Sheafer, Ph.D. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)


Through improved agronomic and grazing management practices, researchers and producers have increased the yields of the crops seeded for swath grazing. This has reduced overwintering feed costs for the cow herd. However, improving the overall nutritive value of the swathed-grazed crop is necessary and reducing weathering during fall, winter and spring continues to limit pasture carrying capacities.


To further improve pasture carrying capacity and reduce overwintering costs by evaluating new annual forage varieties and developing management strategies with improved forage quality that is maintained throughout the swath grazing season.

What they will do

Plant breeders with Alberta Agriculture and rural Development (ARD) have produced advanced lines of barley and triticale with improved fiber digestibility. However, these new lines must be tested for resistance to weathering loss and compared to popular forage types under winter grazing conditions. This research includes a comprehensive weathering trial and two winter grazing trials to evaluate the suitability of this new material for overwintering beef cows, and will train and mentor a new post-doctoral fellow to reinforce Canada’s forage research capacity.


This research will provide recommendations regarding the selection of new annual forage varieties to reduce weathering losses and to develop high quality swath grazing system. Increasing nutritive value or maintaining nutritive value could increase carrying capacity, more, by lowering the dry matter (DM) intake required for maintenance. This would reduce the daily feed cost per cow, further, and could make the swath grazing system more flexible, allow cows to maintain good body condition during extremely cold conditions without supplementation, and allow swath-grazing to be used over a broader geographical area. The training and mentoring of a young researcher will contribute to continuation of practical, producer oriented research of a similar nature.

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